Newborn Checklist

Preparing for the arrival of your new baby can be daunting.  You're bombarded with messages of what you need to buy - it can feel overwhelming.  Our advice? Keep it simple!  Buy only what you'll truly need.  Here is a list of what we felt essential for the first few months with our two children. 

Cozy Heads

1-2 hats

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The Go-To Babywear

4-6 footies

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Prevent Scratching

1-2 pairs of mittens

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The Essential Onesie

4-6 onesies (short and long sleeves) 

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Daily Outfit

2-3 leggings

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Cozy Feet

3-4 pairs of socks

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Romping Around Town

1-2 rompers

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Keep Dry

2-4 drool bibs

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The Multi-Use Blanket

3-5 swaddling blankets (for swaddling, covering, changing and burbing)

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Save Your Outfit

2-3 burp cloths

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Gentle Cleaning

3-5 washcloths

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Personalize the Crib

2-3 crib sheets

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Change Pad

2-3 change pads

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Safe Bathing

3-5 bath toys

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The Ultimate Cover

1 multi-use car seat / nursing cover

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Hands Free

1 baby carrier

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Soft Books

1-2 soft books

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Stroller Toys

1-3 stroller toys

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Soft & Happy

Natural lotions, soaps, creams

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Be prepared for teething with 1-3 teething toys

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1-2 comfort lovey

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