Our Story

Starting O&Lo

Parenthood is an incredible journey. You feel love like you’ve never felt before, you’re enthralled by every development, you learn new languages (baby talk and temper tantrums), you develop unparalleled levels of patience (also related to temper tantrums), you learn new skills you never had before (changing diapers, completing tasks with one arm and a baby on the hip), and you discover a wide range of baby products, brands, and accessories you never knew existed.

As parents of two, Olivia and Logan, we’ve been on this same extraordinary journey. For us, this experience has also unearthed a passion for discovering fun, trendy, comfortable, well-made and baby-safe products for our kids. So much so, that we launched a store that brings together all our favourite brands and baby essentials. We named it O&Lo, after “Olivia & Logan”.

Supporting Canadian Brands

We’re based in Toronto and are proudly Canadian. We make a concerted effort to find the very best baby and toddler products AND we do everything we possibly can to support and sell Canadian Brands. Our “Canadian” collection includes a range of brands that have Canadian origin stories, are designed or made in Canada, or are Canadian owned. And, we’re always trying to find more.

That said, there are some truly wonderful products that are owned or made outside of Canada. We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t make them available too!

Quality Products

Quality is important to us, so we hand picked a selection of high quality, ethically made, and (in many cases) handmade products. They’re fun, fashionable, buttery soft, yet incredibly durable. We look for products that are ethically made in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. In many cases, the brands we carry are owned by local moms and family-run businesses.

Meet the Team

Shannon – Chief Executive Officer

As a seasoned health and fitness professional that has spent her career designing wellness programs and developing fitness communities, launching a baby and toddler store was not an obvious choice. However, during her second maternity leave with Logan, Shannon decided to take the plunge and take on another passion on the side! #WomenPreneur and #SidePreneur both apply here!

Yoni – Chief Operating Officer

With a mixed background in Banking, Digital Marketing, and Technology, Yoni is the sometimes-useful side-kick to Shannon’s venture. He also took time off as paternity leave when Logan arrived, which provided an opportunity to mix daddy duties with startup life. He helped get O&Lo off the ground and oversees some of the operations.

Olivia – Design Executive Officer

Between her busy schedule of daycare, gymnastics, soccer, and otherwise being a human tornado, Olivia makes time to select and test out most of the products available at O&Lo. How does she have time for this you’re wondering?  She’s so committed to growing our O&Lo store that she prioritizes her work over napping or even sleep altogether!

Logan – Quality Control Manager

Logan is the newest member of the O&Lo team, so he’s still in the probationary period of this employment. We’re not certain that it’s going to work out long-term, because we find he does a lot of sleeping, eating, and pooping on the job. Work ethic these days is not what it used to be!